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Made to Measure Electric Curtain Track

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Fully automated, made to measure, electric curtain track. The kit includes all necessary parts including remote and a programmable timer allowing you to set opening and closing time of the curtains. This feature is ideal for security, whether you own a 2nd home which may be empty for long periods or even if you just want it to appear that there is someone home when you go away for the weekend!

The remote control can operate up to 8 curtain tracks using 8 different frequency settings. Our Silk smooth electric curtain tracks operate on DC Current - low and safe voltage. The transformer works with standard sockets so no wiring is required.

The set is easy to fit and comes ready to install with brackets suitable for fitting to the ceiling or wall.

To establish the required length of the track, measure the width of your window and add approx. 2 x 25 cm to store the curtains on each side. For fitting between walls, we advise to take off approx. 5 cm to allow for fitting.

The track can be manufactured to be suitable for either two curtains (one on each side) or one curtain (or any side).  Please note, when choosing one curtain, the motor needs to be stored behind the curtain when constricted.

Sale! Unbeatable prices. Hurry! Offer extended to Jan 31st!

  • If you are unsure how many runners you require, we advise to use 1 runner for each 10 cm of track, e.g. for the 380 cm long track, the recommended quantity of runners is 38. If you would like to achieve thicker curtain gathering, please increase the quantity.

  • If you choose the track suitable for two curtains, the runners will be equally divided for each curtain, e.g. if using 38 runners, there will be 19 runners on each side. If you require a different configuration (e.g. more runners on one side), please add a note to your order or call/email us once the order is placed. 

  • The position of the motor (motor on left/motor on right) is the position when looking at the window from inside of the room. If selecting one curtain, the curtain will be stored on the same side as motor (it is hidden behind the curtain).

  • The max length of tracks we supply is 463 cm. However, if you require a longer track, it is possible to use two tracks fitted next to each other. You will be able to use the same remote for both tracks (however, each track requires separate remote, timer and power supply. The length of cable is approx. 7 m).

For quick quote, just insert values for number of runners and length and click return...

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